Dress Rehearsal

Please remember tomorrow is our dress rehearsal!

Send your child to school in their red, white or black clothing. I will be keeping their costume at school for the following day.

Please pack their uniform so that they can change right after the rehearsal.

Please note that parents are not to watch the dress rehearsal.

If you have any questions please email me today.



Reminders for upcoming week

Teacher Parent Conferences today! Please remember these conferences are for parents and teachers only. See you later today!

This Week

This week we began to study the Joyful Mysteries and created images to represent our understandings of them. We discussed how Mary may have felt when she heard she was going to be the Mother of Jesus. Ask your child what they thought! We have even been practicing the Hail Mary Prayer and can finally recite it as a class without the teacher’s help! Way to go Kindergartens!

Since we had no letter of the week we had time to practice our alphabet recognition and spelling through letter games. We made puzzles to spell words, pinned clothespins on alphabet cards and created letters with Play-dough.

We also met our buddies for the first time this week and had some time to spend reading with them. We will be making some crafts with them next week as well. We are getting to know our buddies so that we can attend the next school Mass in November. We are all very excited about this.

Tuesday we also participated in a Cross Country assembly where we recognized and congratulated the Cross Country team for their awesome accomplishments at the Cross Country Meet in October.

Although this week was very short, we managed to squeeze in many activities , including math stations, literacy stations and even created our own pumpkin art…take a look at it on our Bulletin Board outside the classroom today!

Pumpkin Patch Tuesday October 28th!

I will send out another reminder, but please note we have the pumpkin patch on Tuesday (rain or shine… but shine I hope!), and we will be spending majority of our day there. We will have our guided tour, choose our pumpkin and then get to have a juice box and snack. Time and weather permitting we are hoping to have some free time to explore the animal farm and other attractions and activities. I am hoping to be back at the school for 1-130pm. We will then have a couple of classroom activities to finish off the day. Dismissal will be at 3pm as usual.

Pumpkin Stations

On Wednesday we will be having pumpkin discovery in our classroom between 9am – 1030am. I am looking for 5 parents who are able to help in the classroom that day to help lead some stations. It will be a great morning to participate in if you can (possibly a bit messy 🙂 ) and will count for Parent Participation Hours.

Please send me an email asap if you would like to volunteer.

Letter of the Week

Next week we will continue with our letter of the week. We will be focusing on the letter E. Please help your child find a variety of letter E images.

Halloween Treats

Just a reminder that we will not be having a Halloween treat exchange on Friday October 31st, however we will be making and decorating Rice Krispie Squares that I will make. The ingredients are rice krispies, butter, vanilla, and marshmallows and of course some orange food coloring to make them Halloween-ish 🙂

If you do not want your child to eat the Rice Krispie square, please send an alternative treat along with them that day and email me to let me know.

Blog Changes

We are currently in the process at the school to update all classrooms with a blog site. Therefore this blog will now be found linked to the school’s website. I am awaiting to hear if there will be any changes made to how you receive and access the blog. I will let you know by email if there are changes as soon as possible.

Thank you for being patient in this matter.

Wednesday October 22nd… Non- Uniform Day

We are celebrating the colors of fall by having a school wide NON-UNIFORM DAY on Wednesday October 22nd. As we have discussed the colors of Fall, you can ask your child which colors are Fall colors (red, yellow, orange, brown, purple)!

Happy Autumn!

Take a Peek at our Week

Family Reading

Family Reading is on Tomorrow! See you at 915am for reading!

Letter of the Week Next Week

There will be NO letter of the Week next week due to the short week. The Letter E will be studied on October 27th.  Instead we will be working on rhyming and practicing at our letter centers!

Earthquake Drill

We had an earthquake drill today which was executed very well! I am very proud of my Kindergarteners for being such good listeners during the drill. We heard the announcement (the shaking) then crawled under our desk, learnt to crouch like a turtle and cover our heads, then counted to 60 when the shaking stopped. Ask your child how to drop and cover during an earthquake tonight!

Parent Teacher Conferences

A reminder that Parent teacher conferences are next week. You all should have received a notice today with your child’s name and the time to arrive for the conference. This is a reminder it is a parent teacher only conference. 🙂


Next week due to the Parent Teacher Conferences there will be NO SCHOOL on October 23rd and NO SCHOOL on October 24th due to a PRO-D Day.

Books brought to School

Many of the students have asked to bring books from home to school to read during DEAR time. That is fine with me as our rule is that the book stays in the backpack until DEAR time and is then put back in the back pack right after we are finished. As long as parents are ok allowing books to be brought to school it is fine with me. I have also reminded them that it is also up to mommy and daddy to decide if a book should come to school.

All About Me Books

FYI… The All About Me Books weren’t sent home yesterday as I was away in the afternoon and the substitute couldn’t find them….no worries though I will send them home today!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thursday!

Walkathon tomorrow!

As we will be having the Walkathon tomorrow (rain or shine!) please remember to send with your child the following:

  • a snack
  • proper attire (walkathon shirts can be worn!)
  • jackets, running shoes..etc
  • water

We will be having an assembly at 9am with the school then coming back to our classrooms to get ready. For Parent volunteers I have the following signed up:

C. Catton, S. Castagno, T. Comuzzi, S. Lee (Olivia’s mom), M. Naing

I am still in need of 3-4 parents please 🙂

I would love to have more volunteers as we do need a couple parents to walk with us and 5/6 parents to stand at a stations leading the children around. Please email me today if you can spend a few hours helping out. Please note these hours do count towards PPH!

Parent Volunteers could you please meet at our classroom doors at 9:45am to be given instructions on what to do. 🙂

Thank You in advance for your help to make this day memorable for your Kindergartener!

All About Me Books

Today I will be sending home their All About Me books in their envelopes. Please help your child complete the “My Family” page ONLY and return to school Tuesday. DO NOT COMPLETE THE BOOK! Feel free to take the time to look through the completed pages with your child and praise their talents!

Family Reading

Family Reading will be CANCELLED tomorrow due to the Walkathon.

Snack and Lunch Ideas

As our little Kindergarteners can be choosy over their snacks and lunches sometimes, I thought I’d offer some healthy and nutritious ideas for a little variety and interest. Please feel free to use or not to use 🙂

  • wraps –> can be filled with cream cheese and jam for a sweet treat or ham and cheese, hummus …etc Anything really! Kids also LOVE getting to assemble their own meals so using a small pita shell and sending items to fill it with such as lettuce, ham, cheese, tomatoes…etc will make them excited about their lunch!
  • using cookie cutters for sandwiches –> somehow eating a star shape salami sandwich is so much more enjoyable!
  • dips and veggies –> as an addition to a meal give your child fresh veggies such as carrots, celery, snap peas with a favorite dip (or make one yourself with some Greek yogurt and mayo adding in dill or any other favorite seasoning)
  • fruit kabobs –> fruit on a kabob or even smaller pieces put on a toothpick
  • chicken ‘nuggets’ –> use leftover chicken cut in to smaller pieces as chicken nuggets and add some dipping sauce

If you have any lunch ideas or snack ideas you’d like to share with other parents, please send to me and I will gladly post them 🙂

Remember there is NO SCHOOL MONDAY!

Coming up Next week:

  • Letter D ! Bring in pictures for the letter D.
  • Photo Day Tuesday October 14th